At Allco we believe the initial planning stages of the project are one of the key’s to a successful project completion.  Our years of experience in project takeovers has given us the foundation needed to provide the best quality of pre-construction service to avoid future problems.  During the pre-construction phase we meet with the owners of the project and our full design-team to outline the project.  We want the vision of the project to become a reality.

Allco offers an initial planning session where we identify project objectives, coordinate planning and assess risks and barriers, all aimed at keeping cost and time factors in the forefront.  This pre-construction process gives owners peace of mind that the job will be handled with the highest quality standards.  By having one key contact for the project, owners have more of a say in what happens with the project at every phase.  The intent of the pre-construction process is to outline the entire project and ensure the client is satisfied with the implementation process.

Allco focuses on the critical path to completion and excels at carrying that task out.