Construction Management


Allco’s primary purpose is the successful completion of all construction projects.  Our focus on the critical path, our ability to coordinate and rally subcontractors and our commitment to the owner’s needs are our keys to success.  Allco has quickly earned a reputation for taking over distressed projects, while using its construction experience to determine the most effective path towards project completion.  In this respect, Allco has enjoyed continued success in keeping projects on course while preventing expense overages.

Each project we take on, regardless of size, contains many steps from conception to completion and involves many people.  Allco provides leadership, support and guidance to everyone involved, making the process easier on owners.  The entire project is under one contract making Allco the primary responsible party for the entire project.  Our clients have the ability to have more of a say in the project and make changes as the project progresses which allows for better collaboration, workflow ensures the client’s vision for the project is achieved.

We believe the owner is the most important key to each project and the following are a few services we offer to help with the project success:

  • Initial planning sessions including our full design team
  • Project management planning
  • Orientation conferences before and during construction activities
  • Preconstruction planning
  • Safety programs and quality management

With our Construction Management methodology, Allco will make your project dreams into a reality.