About Us

ALLCO Construction, Inc. was founded in 2006 owner Robert Herman was asked to take over as the General Contractor for the Palladio, a 13-story condominium project in downtown Reno, Nevada. The court appointed receiver, Dave Clark, and the bank Merrill Lynch asked Bob Herman to take over and complete this troubled project. Allco was then accepted as the General Contractor by DBH Resources and added to the wrap-up policy in place for this project. Allco Construction successfully completed the project in addition to performing upgrade work in a number of high end units on schedule, expediting the sale of the units.

Allco Construction has earned a stellar reputation for taking troubled projects and successfully completing them for the owner, with the full support of local unions. Allco Construction is a General Contractor holding an Unlimited Class B State of Nevada Contractors Board license and State of California Contractors Board license.

Allco Construction completes projects for a variety of clients.

The Palladio Reno, NV
Blake Smith Residence Reno, NV
Dotty’s #106 Fallon, NV
McLeod Residence Reno, NV
Edge Technology Reno, NV
Sturmer Residence Reno, NV
Dotty’s #82 Yerington, NV
The Montage Reno, NV
Cashell Residence Reno, NV
Cornett Residence Reno, NV

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